AG LifeSolutions

To support farmers and adapt to modern, environmentally respectful agriculture, AGROLAC has launched the AG LifeSolutions project, from which we promote university talent and research into new top-of-the-range safer, cleaner and waste-free biological products.

To achieve this goal, we work in direct collaboration with well-known innovation and development centres for plant health in Europe and Asia, supported in strategic cases by the Spain’s Center for the Industry Development – CDTI.

AGBA-0617 Biologic Bactericide
AGBE-0717 Bioestimulant based on Mycorriza
AGFN-0116 Biologic Fungicide Nematicide and Growth Regulator Based on a strain of Trichoderma
AGFU-0214 Biologic Fungicide based on a strain of Streptomyces
AGRC-0114 Biologic Growth Regulator

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